"Worries Usually Vanish In Light of Knowledge" Dale Carnegie
Discover the new economy way to make money in real estate in the shortest time with the least amount of Resistance 
Here Is What You Will Learn:
  • Where To Find Hidden, Competition Free Properties In Your Own Back Yard (And How To Control Them For Exceptionally Large Paydays)

  • How To Trigger A Response From Property Owners
  •  (That Is Guaranteed to Work Every time)
  • How to Build a Database of Motivated Sellers That Only You Know About (This Strategy Alone Makes More Profit Per Deal Than Probates, REOs and FSBOs Combined) 
  • How To Make Big Money with Small Mailing Lists (Riches in Niches)
  • How To Build Wealth With Little To No Risk (Learn How To Control Properties That Generate Monthly Income)
  • Plus Over 150 Pages of Our Most Profitable Strategies, 15 Of Our Most Used Real Estate Forms, Productivity Hacks and Goal Setting Techniques...All For You To Use
Claim Your Complimentary Copy of How To Buy Your First Real Estate Property and Discover How To Create Wealth The Uncommon Way
"Learn How To Buy Your First Real Estate Property (and your next 100), Without Spending Thousands on Home Study Courses, Losing Hundreds on Failed Marketing Campaigns, Getting Black Booked By Realtors and Burning Yourself Out Before You Even Get In The Game"
After Spending Over $150,000 of My Own Hard Earned, After Tax Dollars, Flipping Over 400+ Properties, Coaching For Some of The Biggest Names In The Real Estate Industry, and Countless One on One Coaching Students....This Book Summarizes the Most Common Questions I Get From Students Who Spent THOUSANDS On Coaching...
I want to rush you a copy of this highly powerful, easy to consume, simple to implement book that reveals our uncommon approach to finding hidden, competition free properties in any market.
If you can follow a few simple instructions, are not scared to do a little work and would like to begin seeing results from your activity in as little as one week (as long as you really do the work), then this book was written for you.

I've watched Erik & $teve grow from front row seminar attendees to special guest panelists at our events sharing the stage with us guru's. They are living testimony of outstanding real estate success and they actively crush their market every day in their business. I love these guy's and you should listen to them!

Than Merrill-Founder of Fortune Builders

Good Morning Erik, First off, let me say that Erik Stark continues to give away free GOLD with the info on these podcasts, and this one is no different. However, and before I say "what gives?!?" to you for imparting tons and tons of competition - possibly - in my direct farm area, let me say with a sigh of relief, that the gift of this particular episode will go UNUSED by 99.999% of all investor/listeners. Why? Because it implies that one will actually have to WORK for one's leads and make GENUINE, PERSONAL CONNECTIONS with one's lenders/buyers/sellers. When Erik asks me, "can I validate" the gains one receives when hitting the streets and talking to people, I can say an affirmative Y-E-S.. Since Erik helped shift our business from impersonal, computer-based lead "wishing," in essence,... to active, face-to-face and genuine lead CREATION, my phone has started ringing, my email account is filling, and my appointment calendar is filling. Period.
Your Friend
Mark Kramer

Just wanted to let you know that I sincerely appreciate you guys. You are exceptional. Ya’ll may not realize it but you are bad a$$es. No one I know is doing as much volume as you guys right now (except maybe a couple people). You are more than qualified to be doing this so let your confidence shine through. Ya heard?.
Pre$ton Ely
Real Estate Has Changed. The Real Winners Understand That Being Ahead of The Industry Is What Allows You To Create Wealth. This Book Reveals  How To Buy Your First Property and The Training's That Follow Reveal The Simple Strategies You Can Use To Leverage Your Way To Wealth. No Fluff. No Nonsense. Just Proven Strategies, With Real Case Studies, Live Interviews and Monthly Workshops For You To Learn How To Create Wealth Through Real Estate.

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